Saturday, October 6, 2007

oh, to be young

with meg being new member-ed and all, we decided to stop at our sorority-fraternity "happy hour" just to say a quick hi to some friends. after making our round at the bar, meg, stace, and i sat down in a booth while we waited for buttons to meet us before going on to get some dinner elsewhere. these adorable fresh-face boys shyly came up to us and said "it's so weird how all the new girls and boys aren't talking to each other...can we sit with you?"

if i was a freshman (which i'm sure they thought we were), i would've been dyingggg and been so gawky. meg, stace, and i were having so much fun with it by just leading the conversation and listening to their awkward dorm stories, which of course led to the moment we were all waiting for: "wait, what year are you girls?!"

you should've seen the look on their faces. amazing. so the conversation all of a sudden turned into this weird what are you doing with your life/give me advice...which was totally fine. it was just nice for freshmen to think we were freshmen. and for some really sweet, innocent boys to make silly conversation with us. when we left a few minutes later, i told one of them that they should definitely go up to some of the new girls like they did to us. i hope they did. sometimes i wish i could go back to freshman year, but with the perspective i have now.

i also feel bad because in the past i have not been the biggest supporters of the boys in this specific frat, but those d0e-faced boys gave me new hope. but i'm still wondering do boys get worse or better as they get older here?

the whole thing also brought up laughs at dinner, reminiscing about our 1st party with that same frat when we were freshman...this cute boy invited me up to his room to "listen to music," but somehow stace managed to tear me away from him and i went to eat candy with her my dismay. that night became one of my first and favorite memories with stace, though, so i guess it was for the best. the same kid was there tonight! i'm gonna be honest, the past few years have been good to him, but now it's just plain comical. i did not go ask him to make good on that rain check for music. i just went home and ate some candy with stace, instead.

i'm so glad i'm not a freshman, but tonight made me really miss the excitement and mystery of being a 1st year badger.


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