Monday, October 22, 2007

la única vez que me siento hermosa es cuando bailo

tonight i went to a book signing/lecture type thing with roomie for frank warren of postsecret. the secrets change every sunday and it's a wonderful community and art project that i full heartily support.

here are just a few of my favorites from over the past 3 years:

frank warren is an endearing man. his talk wasn't life changing or mind-blowing, but he does have this weird way of making you feel safe. he's a dad. he's smart. and one can't help assuming that he gets it, with that it being you. i love how he in a way assumes everything to be art because i really want to see the world this way, too.

being around such hopeful people of course got my mind rolling with the possibilities of my own art. i have a handful of stories i want to write, but i store them as, what i think frank warren would call, secrets. i'm afraid of my ideas. i'm afraid to write them. afraid that they won't make sense. afraid that my words won't create the reality i see for them. afraid that these words might tell me something about what i am...or maybe about what i am not. it's scary. and i'm trying to force myself to write these secrets of sorts-not on post cards sent to somewhere in maryland, but just on to my computer. i need to stop worrying about outcomes when there hasn't even been a start yet. besides, shouldn't we be proud of our effort in themselves?

enough pondering! on to MONDAY MIX!

I <3>
i made a mix for your halloween enjoyment. to me, halloween is night time, gritty streets, dancing with your eyes closed, the smell of stale beer, feeling a little naughty and a lot rock in roll. how can you not love it?

here's my love mix to all hallows even:

1. "i turn my camera on" -spoon

2. "too drunk to fuck" -nouvelle vague

3. "nicotine & gravy" -beck

4. "gettin' classy" -unnateral helpers

5. "primitive (the way i treat you)" -ambulance ltd.

6. "i'm doing fine" -lorezno's music

7. "possum kingdom" -toadies

8. "i like to move in the night" -eagles of death metal

9. "michael" -franz ferdinand

10. "she's lot total control" -ryan adams

11. "take it to fantastic" -cannonball jane

12. "get real paid" -beck

13. "you could have both" -the long blondes

14. "bubblegum" -pencilgrass

15. "all the medicated geniuses" -pretty girls make graves

16. "dead disco" -metric

17. "it hurts to see you dance so well" -the pipettes

18. "smells like team spirit" -nirvana

19. "closer" -nine inch nails

20. "satan said dance" -clap your hands say yeah

21. "criminal" -fiona apple

22. "friend of the friendless" -world/inferno friendship society

download a few. listen to it as you get in your ghoul gear. enjoy the last nights of my favorite month.



p.s. my spacing is all messed up so sorry this is all shmushed up against each other.


jojo said...

heyyyyy i wonder who took that photo for in this moment we were infinite

sweet shit

halloweeeeeeeeeeen 2008 get hype

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