Monday, October 15, 2007

fire it up!

i've been on a week long hiatus from my precious bread butter & jam and oh how i missed it! it just seemed like the past 7 days have been a funny 7 days and i didn't want my blog to be funny-lookin/smellin', as well. but we're back!

i went to the obama rally today and he was there and spoke. i'm really glad i went, though i think i left still not ready to outright say who i'm going to vote for in the primary. i like most of hilary clinton's policy's, but she kind of gives me the heebie jeebies and like she could be just as stubborn (though at least with my personal politics of preference) as our democracy of the last two terms. i like obama, but meg's right....he doesn't actually tell the American people the how of his plans. how does he plan to change health care in the u.s.? how will all this money for scholarships, affordable/accessible college, and new schools he promises come from and be made? i feel like i just need to research his politics (and edwards) more, rather than just watching their speeches and debates on tv before i commit for who i want. but i will say i am very excited about this presidential election and the candidates showing on the democrats side right now. at first i was relatively excited about giuliani and mccain, too. and now? terrified. but rallies like the one today create this wonderful (possibly false) sense of hope and freshness for the future and i just have to let myself buy into it or else the world seems uncontrollably sad. nonetheless, this coming year is going to be so politically exciting and i can't wait to watch it unfold!

also, wisconsin senator russ feingold is buddy-buddy with both clinton and obama so i started day dreaming about him being picked up by either one as their vice-prez running mate. about time we have a cheesehead (and tiny, jewish, midwestern boy) in the oval office!

and on a very different note....

here's part ii of my autumn mix
1. "i would" -brown couch
2. "shiloh" -david berkeley
3. "past in present" -feist
4. "we run" -brown couch
5. "brand new day" -van morrison
6. "i don't love anyone" -belle & sebastian
7. "promise" -black rebel motorcycle club
8. "easy/lucky/free" -bright eyes
9. "lazy butterfly" -devendra banhart
10. "lovers who uncover" -the little ones
11. "spring and by summer fall" -blonde redhead
12. "box full of letters" -wilco
13. "hold on, hold on" -neko case
14. "a better son/daughter" -rilo kiley
15. "if i am a stranger" -ryan adams & the cardinals"
16. "anyone else but you" -the moldy peaches
17. "we are nowhere and it's now" -bright eyes
18. "painting by chagall" -the weepies

october is half way done and it's national breast cancer awareness month. ladies, have you done your self-exam/scheduled your mammogram (to ladies over 40)!?!

wishing us all a week of calm, understanding, and appreciation.



roomieface said...

i knew you would love lazy butterfly. that song is so weird and great and full of energy. how good is long haired child, right?

ahmo wawnt the child to beee a lawwwwwng haired child

jojo said...

Mr. Presidential BBC... or, as I like to say, Mr. PBBC! HOT SHIT. Also, Hillary scares me a lot.