Sunday, October 21, 2007


march 2008: find me here


as it gets colder here in good ol' wisco, our conversations naturally turn to spring-break-woot-woot talk. we didn't want to do what we did when we were freshmen because as fun as that was, we're not freshman anymore and i don't want to be in that crazy mess. and we wanted to do something different, but also warm. we start looking up random flights to random places and then there it a beacon of hope...COSTA RICA. the flight was cheap and mama luskey helped us out big time and now we're going. dkjlfkejr. amazing.

other than the flights we don't have anything planned, and that's really exciting. "MANIFEST JACKIE" come to life, eh? meg and i are really into all the youth hostels and such, but connie and jojo need/want to stay in hotels, so we're trying to work out a way to make all of us happy, which i know we'll be able to figure out. madi went last year, so i know she'll be a good guide, too. i just can't wait to hike and defrost and smell that air and eat fresh fish and just be with some of my favorite girls.

this year is going to be so amazing travel wise. with my family vacation with the harbergs (brian and kim are engaged! what! what!). then straight off to birthright israel through st. louis. then home for a mere 5 days. then costa rica comes in march. and then the eurotrip in june then back in time to settle, get my life in order and get pumped/involved/enjoy bri and kim's wedding in houston.

i'm just so excited to see the world. i know i'm doing kind of an excessive amount of traveling for a 20-something to do in one year, but a lot of kids are travelling around right now. and studying abroad has reinforced what my parents have always taught me through example: that you can't understand the world without experiencing it. also, i think that there's is something to be said for traveling when you're young. there is a certain value to it that can't be obtained later on in our lives. i see the world and myself in a way right now and it's important to experience these new things in life before life itself changes me...and then after i've changed, i'll travel, which will show me how i have changed along with the world. does that make sense? i don't think it does, but i bet you still understand...i don't know. there's just a freshness to it all. i am so lucky that i have these opportunities and i don't want to take them for granted, but i also don't want to let them float by, un-seized. somehow what's in my head on this matter isn't coming out just right on the page, but i'm just going to let it be and trust that if you don't get this, that you at least get me :)

hopefully i'm going to stop with these silly long absences between blog entries. so not cool. so not cool.

stay tuned tomorrow for the monday mix!


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jojo said...

cannot wait it looks gorg... so soon my friend we will be tan and drunk on beaches and in rainforests...