Monday, October 1, 2007

cold fresh air

so, i am openly obsessed with autumn. and with this being my last autumn in madison as a student, i have become particularly attached to each yellow leaf on the ground and to the smell of wet wood. if my ipod worked and i had all free time then i would walk around all day just listen to autumn songs (see below) and i'd lay on bascom and stare up at the sky for hours and just think. i mean...i've been doing that without my ipod and without the time. to me autumn is really special because there is something so hopeful and fresh about it. everything seems possible in the fall, but it's also kind of sad just because it's so beautiful and so short and i try to hold onto it for as long as i can. but if autumn was forever, maybe i wouldn't love it so much.

MONDAY MIX: autumn part i
1. "fresh air" -brown couch
2. "jefferson" -david berkeley
3. "where happiness lives" -magnet
4. "don't think twice, it's all right" -bob dylan (this is one of my top 3 favorite songs)
5. "cleanse song" -bright eyes
6. "23" -blonde redhead
7. "i figured you out" -mary lou lord
8. "extraordinary machine" -fiona apple
9. "fall at your feet" -magnet
10. "my brilliant feat" -colin hay
11. "solvable world" -brown couch
12. "your arms around me" -jenks lekman
13. "i must belong somewhere" -bright eyes
14. "stretch out and wait" -the smiths
15. "you can have it all" -yo la tengo
16. "i feel it all" -feist
17. "history of lovers" iron & wine/calexico
18. "put the book back on the shelf" -belle & sebastian
19. "everything is everything" -lauryn hill

there is a clap your hands say yeah concert this coming saturday. roomie is my concert buddy, but she has a much more noble cause this weekend of sky diving which is totally rad and i can't wait to hear about it, but has left me wondering if there is anyone that would like to go to the concert with me. It's only $15 and clap your hands say yeah is so zany that even if you're not a fan, it'd still make for an entertaining night. anyways, if you're interested, let me know!

some friends have said some really nice things about my blog...which is very kind because i feel kinda silly for having one. but if you do read this, then totally do comment! i'd love that. this is a space for organization and to feel connected to all of you (among many other things, too, i guess), but it's nice to get a little love and not feel like i'm writing for an audience that is the black hole of the internet.

i hope you all had a wonderful monday.



roomie said...

roomie! i have been battling with my decision to cancel clap your hands say yeah since i first questioned my loyalty to the event about a week ago. i am not happy to cancel on you for any reason, and i keep trying to think of ways to make it up to you, but i can't think of anything suitable. if you can think of something, i am there.

jens lekman! iron and wine/calexico! fiona! blonde redhead! yo la tengo! all of those songs by those bands in your playlist i love. i love that you love them.

alison said...

i didn't know we could comment! reading your blog before i go to bed at night makes me smile, jack. and miss you like crazy. i loved your sonnet - i wanted to steal it, but i want to ask permission first.

my fav part tonight:
but if autumn was forever, maybe i wouldn't love it so much.

ps i'm sorry your ipod broke :( maybe when you're on bascom you can practice some of those julia grey poems for our performance during wishigan weekend.

madi/lover said...

you are my hero.