Monday, September 17, 2007

"You're everything you need, but still the suspicion holds you tight"

senior year is in full swing. my classes are invigorating and interesting, especially compared to my frustration last semester with the schooling at the university of cape town. the work's already got me all a-frazzled though! with two papers and a project due all on wednesday, i was freaking out in the library for a few hours on sunday when i get a text from roomie reminding me about the black rebel motorcycle club concert that night. woops! i had forgotten, but i went straight from the library to the concert, and although i was in school mode and not concert mode, it was a sweet ass concert. those boys can play. and if peter hayes treats a lady like he treats his microphone then wowzahs.

cigarettes are not sexy, but god damn, just look at him.

it actually broke my heart watching BRMC play...they're that intense. we stationed ourselves near where robert levon been was playing and it was just this crazy thing watching him...he'd kneel down to the floor so his fingers and face could be really close to his guitar and so he could get closer to his own music. and sometimes you'd catch him smiling to himself and it was all just so beautiful.

man oh man, great stuff.

and now......


goodmorning, sunshine mix:
1. "feelin' so good" -jennifer lopez
2. "i woke up with this song in my head this morning" -bright eyes
3. "fidelity" -regina spektor
4. "feelin' free" -michael franti and spearhead
5. "mushaboom" -feist
6. "bubble toes" -jack johnson
7. "morning side" -sara bareilles
8. "i can't help myself (sugar pie honey bunch)" -the four tops
9. "suddenly i see" -kt tunstall
10. "i'm a cuckoo" -belle and sebastian
11. "penny on the train track" -ben kweller
12. "sunshine lollipops and rainbows" -lesley gore
13. "mess you up" -beth boucher
14. "smile" -lily allen
15. "braided hair" -one giant leap
16. "gimme a sign" -ryan adams
17. ""american girl" -tom petty
18. "counting backwards" -the velvet teen
19. "it's a beautiful day" -eels

a mix to wake up and start the morning rituals to. many of these songs are not masterpieces, but i know the words and they make me a little less grumpy and get my brain moving.

i messed up my right arm (freak skateboarding accident perhaps?) and now i feel like kaiser wilhelm. typing stuff up this week is not going to be pretty. wish me luck on the papers of doom.


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Primey said...

I love love love that the velvet teen made it on your morning wakeup playlist. you have excellent taste my dear. <3 you and miss you bogger face