Thursday, September 13, 2007

a place to call home

we love our bread. we love our butter. but most of all, we love each other!

there are a lot of things a blog can be and i aim to be all of them and none of them. i want this to be funky and fun, but also real and true to myself. so maybe i won't be specific and be only a fashion blog (i hated beyonce's dress at the vma's) or only a gossip blog (oh perez...puhleezzz) or only a literary blog (starting "crossing to safety" tomorrow woot woot) or only a music blog (good concerts coming up). but i can full heartedly assure you that this will be fun (well, for me at least). i guess in the end i'm just here to give myself some space.

i feel like that's always been important to me. i've always been such an advocate for providing people with an outlet for expression for planning punk concerts in high school to the literary magazine to loving the bowery poetry club...this is just the next step. it's time for me to take part of the things i support.

the hardest part of starting this thing was just what the hell to call it. essentially your attempting to identify yourself in a url. weird. some of the blog titles i came up with before settling on this one:

-squirrel girl

-talkative squirrels

-when she glitters

-sweet, but pathetic

-and we all fall down

-hip. funky. feminine.

-no great feat

-vingage glitter

-strong woman character

i was oh so close to making it "strong woman character," but like i said before, this isn't a themed blog because i like to make things as confusing as possible, obviously. and wouldn't "strong woman character" be such a great great title for a website on woman's rights? oh i feel the feminist rage jokes coming on from my roomates on that one already..."sweet but pathetic" was also high up on the running, but i decided it too something. i'll write the story on that one later, though.

and then i thought something simple. something sweet. something like bread and butter. a ha! but then some wrench already had that name taken, which turned out for the better because this is not just bread and butter type stuff here. it's going to be bread and butter AND jam. you know, it's going to have a little of everything and be satisfying, while still leaving you wanting more.

yeah right. but hey, a girl can dream.

so writing. literature. music. art. fashion. travel. future. life.
it's going to be as good as bread, butter & jam. yum.

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