Monday, September 24, 2007

i guess this is how the future's doneeeeee


good love mix.
these songs are what i consider to be songs about real love, or maybe what real love is to me. i'd say that any of these songs could be in the running for my wedding song

1. "secret heart" -feist (leslie feist can do no wrong)
2. "for my lover" -tracy chapman
3. "my lady's house" -iron & wine
4. "mushaboom" - feist (deserving of repeat)
5. "darling be home soon" -lovin' spoonful
6. "i'm the man who loves you" -wilco
7. "you must build a fire" -crooked fingers
8. "not about love" -fiona apple
9. "tomorrow is a long place" -bob dylan
10. "you ain't goin' nowhere" -bob dylan
11. "i will follow you into the dark" -death cab for cutie
12. "a moon song" -david berkeley
13. "metal heart" -cat power
14. "love her madly" -the doors
15. "the first taste" -fiona apple
16. "be your husband" -jeff buckley
17. "gotta have you" -the weepies
18. "my winding wheel" -ryan adams
19. "outloud" -dispatch
20. "first day of my life" -bright eyes
(i think this song will end up being the wedding song of my generation)
21. "wild world" -cat stevens
22. "reflections" -atmosphere
23. "i just don't think i'll ever get over you" -colin hay


hope you all had a wonderful monday.


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